Bespoke Furniture, Custom Fixtures

Commercial or residential

           An investment in quality furniture is good for the soul and for the planet. Yes, environmentally friendly carbon neutral processes and materials are the future, but these do little good if a product last less than five years and ends up in a landfill or broken hearts and second rate goods.

B2B: Need a custom mobile cart, fixture, tables, chairs, shelves, storage for your business? Perhaps a jig or fixture for a specific repair or maintenance? With 15 years engineering experience we know the pain of human error and poor design. We will work with you on both. We believe simplicity rules and your business and employees deserve an optimal and safe work environment that allows them to focus on the products and services you are creating.

Let’s design, build & enjoy!!

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Custom Pot & Pan Racks

Set Your Kitchen on Fire Apart!

Picture your prized pots and pans hanging over your island or on your wall as you reach  grab what you need while cooking your favorite dish for your favorite people! Now picture the ultra-functional rack this pan hangs from. Supernova Design Company built that for you! Designed to fit your kitchen or your restaurant with materials to meet your budget and aesthetic. Set your kitchen apart!

And please, do not set it or anything on fire.


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Built Ins / Custom Storage / Cabinets

Fill The Niche with utility & beauty! Make it Useful & easy on the eyes!


          Built to last, functional & attractive! Let us help remove the clutter and improve the efficiency of your home, closet, office, workshop, garage, restaurant, clinic, art studio, classroom, home gym, fitness center, or production floor. Built in niches, shelving, entertainment centers, cabinets, entertainment centers etc. for your home or business will improve the quality of your life and improve your bottom line.  People working in a clean organized space are happier, safer and it allows them to focus on the job at hand. People at home can relax, workout or yeah even work better when living in a well-designed & built space.


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Build it Yourself with Our Plans

          A high tide raises all ships. We hope to strike a balance between a socially responsible profitable business, elevating the environment in which people work, relax, and play with while sharing for free what can to help others. All plans are developed from 3D CAD models and include all you need to build the thing. All plans include a materials list, cut list, detailed drawing with dimensions, and suggestions on material selection.

Lots free, some paid, all yours to use…


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